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Gréve du Lait The milk strike in Limousin

mercredi, septembre 16th, 2009

Don du Lait!
Our local farmers are giving away milk as part of the protest. They are using the occasion to inform people of their situation. Our neighbour here at Vayres, carefully explained how it is impossible for him and his wife to earn even the  SMIC (the minimum wage) – despite their very modest lifestyle. He pointed to their serviceable, but clearly older tractor.

He said that as things stood, he would be forced to sell the farm – ‘But who would buy it?’ he asked.

Clearly it would be a disaster for this beautiful rural region if the dairy industry folded. We would lose our flower meadows, small lakes and pretty hedgerows. This is Constable country – England as our grandparents remember it and we must all back the farmers in an effort to conserve it and keep Limousin alive.

Yesterday the farmers were giving away milk outside the Chateau at Rochechouart. On Saturday they will be doing the same at Vayres and on Sunday at Maisonaise sur Tardois.

Roadside protests

 Farmer at Vayres

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